Donelli DiMaria


Santa Fe, NM


Donelli (Dan) J. DiMaria and Diane M. DiMaria are an artist couple who live and work in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Dan is primarily an oil painter and Diane is a fiber artist. Their primary training in classical art techniques came at the "Reilly League of Artists" in White Plains, New York under the direction of Cesare Borgia (now deceased). The couple now work full time as professional artists and teachers in New Mexico.

Dan has shown in galleries across the US for the past 20 years and participated in fourteen museum shows over the past five years. Articles about his paintings have appeared in "American Art Collector", "American Artist", and "the Artist's magazine". In 1998, his figurative work was showcased in "The Best of Portrait Painting" by North Light books. In addition, he has participated in over 80 juried and 30 invited shows across the US including Oil Painters of America, Academic Artists, Internatioal Guild of Realism, Salon International, American Artist's Professional League, Hudson Valley Art Association, Masterworks of New Mexico, and Allied Artists receiving many awards along the way. Also, he has taught workshops on the "Reilly Drawing Technique" in the Southwest US. In 2009, he taught both figurative and introductory drawing classes at the Santa Fe School of Art (now defunct). He currently teaches figure drawing and oil/acrylic painting out of his studio in Santa Fe, NM.

In 2008, Diane won the "Best of Show" award in the Northern New Mexico Quilter's Society show. She has also had two of her fiber art pieces accepted into the international quilting shows in Paducah, KY (2008 and 2010) and in Houston, TX (2010 and 2011). Diane has conducted drawing classes for fiber artists in Santa Fe, NM over the past several years.

Also in 2010, Dan and Diane published a drawing manual for their students called "Figure Drawing from Life: Tools, Techniques, and Tricks" which is sold through the "Artisan" stores in Santa Fe, Taos, and Albuquerque, NM and on the internet through "Lulu" (www.lulu.com/spotlight/DJDiMaria). Currently, a video version of this course is offered on Udemy (www.udemy.com/u/donelllijdimaria).


Santa Fe Sunset by Donelli DiMaria


Idaline 2 by Donelli DiMaria


Sarah 1 by Donelli DiMaria


Arielle 2 by Donelli DiMaria


Arielle 1 by Donelli DiMaria


Eye of the Beholder by Diane DiMaria


Vanitas by Donelli DiMaria


Figure Drawing Demo - step 4 by Donelli DiMaria


Figure Drawing Demo - step 3 by Donelli DiMaria


Figure Drawing Demo - step 2 by Donelli DiMaria


Figure Drawing Demo- step 1 by Donelli DiMaria


Whoof by Donelli DiMaria


Tattoo 1 by Donelli DiMaria


Dawn by Donelli DiMaria


Tattoo 2 by Donelli DiMaria


Idaline 1 by Donelli DiMaria


Glow Fish Village by Diane DiMaria


Stymie The Dwarf by Diane DiMaria


Figure Drawing From Life by Donelli DiMaria


Sleeping Nude 1 by Donelli DiMaria


Scott 1 by Donelli DiMaria


Lori Reclining by Donelli DiMaria


Standing Nude 2 by Donelli DiMaria


Persian Rug 3 by Donelli DiMaria


Gnarled Tree by Donelli DiMaria


Red Trumpet Flowers by Donelli DiMaria


Yellow Hollyhocks by Donelli DiMaria


Jessica 1 by Donelli DiMaria


Pink Orchids 2 by Donelli DiMaria


Artist's Tools 1 by Donelli DiMaria


Artist's Tools 2 by Donelli DiMaria


Persian Rug 2 by Donelli DiMaria


Persian Rug 1 by Donelli DiMaria


Red Shoes by Diane DiMaria


Nude Study by Diane DiMaria


Lolita by Diane DiMaria


Summer Flowers by Diane DiMaria


Crazy Daisies by Diane DiMaria


Butterfly by Diane DiMaria


Market Day by Diane DiMaria


Barbie Gets a New Dress by Diane DiMaria


Red Dragon by Diane DiMaria


Crow's Day by Diane DiMaria


Zuni Owl by Diane DiMaria


In My Garden by Diane DiMaria


Summer Tanager by Diane DiMaria


Reflection of Infinity by Donelli DiMaria


Hippie Chick by Diane DiMaria